The annual Lithuanian social entrepreneurs and social innovators community event is coming back on 5th May 2020!

The Social Enterprise Summit is an annual dialogue event that brings together social entrepreneurs, social innovators, policy makers, academics and relevant institutions to review progress in social entrepreneurship in Lithuania over the previous year and explore future growth opportunities.

Social entrepreneurship is a growing movement in Lithuania – each year new initiatives and organisations are joining this movement in order to build sustainable and innovative solutions to tackle social and environmental issues. The concept itself is increasingly recognized in society and relevant institutions – each year more academics, students and communities are getting involved. But there is still more work to be done, as in the last 10 years the concept was only growing and provided us many lessons to improve in the future.

In 2019 Lithuania received OECD recommendations that provided us a framework and main objectives to focus in order to build an environment for sustainable SE growth in a country. 

The 8th Summit therefore seeks to evaluate what we have achieved during the last 2 years and which objectives still need higher stakeholders attention. 

Based on OECD recommendations, this years’ Summit focusing on: 

  • Clarifying the conceptual framework of social entrepreneurship in Lithuania. In order to adopt unique official definition stakeholders need to evaluate different forms of concept recognition in neighboring countries, as well as discuss most common suggestions in Lithuania. 
  • Enhancing the role of social enterprises in public procurement. What challenges are still occurring, by building partnerships between social enterprises and the public sector? How we can foster social partners engagement and provide higher quality, innovations based public and social services in Lithuania.
  • Promoting social impact measurement and reporting. What have we learned from previously implemented acceleration, impact measurement and know-how support mechanisms in Lithuania and how to build instruments that meet social entrepreneurs needs?
  • Improving access to finance for social enterprise development. What are different types of social financing available? What are the legal and regulatory barriers in order to promote different types of investment?
  • Coordinating policy and legal frameworks. How can we ensure sustainability and effective coordination among different stakeholders?

The Social Enterprise Summit will go online and will be broadcast live throughout the day. This means that not only will you have the opportunity to learn about the social finance practices applied in the world or in Lithuania, but also to communicate, ask questions and discuss these with speakers with an international perspective.
The number of participants in the event is not limited, but registration is required to help us prepare the broadcast.



History of the Summit

The Social Enterprise Summit is a social business forum held annually in Lithuania.

Every year the forum brings together representatives from social enterprises, national government ministries, municipal governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), foundations, associations, and any business or organisation which has an interest in, or is working towards ‘public good’.


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