Social Innovations Camp BiZzZ’18

BiZzZ` is a traditional social innovation event, which invites young leaders and social innovators to come together to share their ideas.

The purpose of the BiZzZ camp this year is to help solve the real problems of municipalities through innovative thinking and actions.

This camp will help you to learn about good and bad examples of this practices, to build a team of people who are willing to act and to look at the problem with a creative way of thinking.

Social innovation in Lithuania is no longer an enemy – today is the best time to make a change!

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About the event

BiZzZ` consists of inspiring presentations, messages, discussions, examples, nature, and of course the traditional night hike, all set in a historic environment. All of the above creates the best environment for new ideas to emerge and grow.

BiZzZ` unites cultural, community, media and educational rule breakers, innovators, and participants from SOCIFACTION, Lithuania‘s social business accelerator.

Since 2014 the festival has called on participants to ‘crack the code’, in order to demonstrate that challenges can become new opportunities!

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    Event details

    Date: 18-19th August, 2018

    Place: Inovatorių slėnis, Antalieptė, Zarasų rajonas

    Phone: +370 673 86642

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